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  • HeliGPS Software license

  • CAD $ 1049.-
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  • EK-45BT equipment integration and keyboard device

  • CAD $ 949.-

The equipment integration and keyboard device provides 8-28 V sensing for up to 4 equipment sections and supports up to 6momentary switches for software functions.
The device uses bluetooth to communicate to your Windows tablet.
6 pins of the 15-pin d-sub connector may be connected to a switch, solenoid, pressure switch or any other source providing 8-28V for equipment/section ON/OFF status. The software uses this equipment ON/OFF information to draw the correct boom width on the map. Your integration may be as simple as a master ON/OFF switch for your equipment or can support up to 4 sections, which would require 4 wires to your equipment. Most customers use only 2 section for a half boom setup.
Another 6 pins of the 15-pin d-sub connector may be connected to momentary switches on your joystick or cyclic stick or any other convenient place. A typical thumb switch (not provided) has 4 or 5 positions. These 4 or 5 switches can be configured in the software to execute a number of different functions. Examples: zoom-in, zoom-Out, color change, marking A-point, B-point, Move to next AB-line etc.


  • EK-45BT-A equipment integration and keyboard device

  • CAD $ 1449.-

This version of the EK45BT has all the same functionality as the EK45BT above, but adds a 9-pin serial input. It allows the integration of the AutoCalII Flowcontrol system. The AutoCalII uses a simple serial cable to connect to the EK45BT-A and exchanges data with the HeliGPS software through the same Bluetooth connection already established with the Ek45BT. In addition to all the standard EK45BT options, this allows GPS speed to be transferred to the AutoCalII (no need for an extra speed GPS) and applied rates send from the Autocal to the HeliGPS software. Changing application rates may now also happen directly from the HeliGPS software interface or of course still on the AutoCalII controller.