The installation of a full HeliGPS package is straight forward.

  1. The software is installed with a Windows Installer package (msi) and requires few clicks on "Next". Later software updates are equally simple: Download a new installer package and run it on your netbook. The very first install may require the XNA library to be installed.

  2. The likely most demanding part of the installation is to find or build a mount for your netbook. Western Helicopters has build a simple to remove mount which slides in and out without any extra tools required. The netbooks AC-power plugs into the DC-AC inverter.

  3. The EK-45 is wired for switches as well as boom lines and is then connected to the netbook via USB.

  4. The GPS receiver is connected to the netbook via USB. In the case of a serial GPS output (Garmin 18X-5), a USB->RS232 converter cable may be required. The receiver itself must be in the left/right center of the aircraft and for better accuracy should have unobstructed view of the sky.

Please don't hesitate to e-mail or call 780 990 4052 for any questions.