" When looking for a suitable spray/mapping gps platform, I was having a difficult time finding a system that would fit a variety of roles in a modern/easy to use interface. All of the big players of aerial gps guidance systems would only do one function well, which was spraying. When I discovered Heligps, I was very interested in the product and purchased it right away. Ever since then, I will never look back. We have an easy to use platform in a Windows based format that fits into the variety of roles/missions that my company is involved with. This is all offered at a fraction of the cost of a stand alone guidance system. To top it off, Johannes' support has been excellent and he is very receptive to working with operators in "tweaking" the system to fit their needs. "
Scott Chase Owner, Essential Flight Operations, LLC.

"We were interested in HeliGPS for a replacement platform for our operations, as our first generation platform was getting outdated. My approach to a suitable replacement was that it be easy to use, interface easily with customers' data systems, could be installed and removed easily from the aircraft with a minimum of equipment (minor alteration), and is cost effective. Having a fairly good grasp on what was available, we were not satisfied with the offering from traditional OEM's of aerial swath guidance systems. We liked what we saw in the FarmerGPS (sister, system, for ground based use), and went to work to adapt it to aerial use. The level of expertise and professionalism offered by the maker of HeliGPS is far and above what we have thus far encountered with other OEM's. We have flown over 18,000 acres with the system and now are in the process of upgrading the other aircraft in our fleet with the system. There is no comparison to other systems when it comes to ease of use, seamless interface with customer data platforms, and user options. The system is simple, compact, and has worked extremely well over the last 12 months of use. Install was easy and the operator has limitless options when it comes to what he wants to couple with the netbook to make things work, from using existing GPS antenna/receiver combinations, to upgrading with the latest in low footprint peripherals to build your own combination to your liking. Since the system is software based, as computer technology changes and improves, you are not married to a hardware platform that will be costly to replace in the future, as new technology becomes available. This is a win-win for us, and we thank you Johannes for working with us at Western to bring this project to fruition! "
Karson Branham, Western Helicopter Services Newberg, OR